Various Writings by Various Authors


The Corps of Tears Series by White Star 2:
    This series (or what will be a series as soon as I get part 2 done) is something I decided to undertake partly because of my fascination with telepaths and telepathy, and mostly because I was curious about what would happen. Take one Susan Ivanova. Force her to face her greatest fear. Put her through some more hell, sit back, and watch.

A Shadow Cast by White Star 2
    The imossible has happened. I finished another story. This one starts in The Hour of the Wolf (401), when Ivanova, Delenn, Lyta, and Lennier go to Z'ha'dum after Sheridan. And land there. Not reccomended reading to anyone who hasn't seen the end of the Shadow War (first 6 episodes of season 4).
Shadow Touched, Shadow Lost by Aris Merquoni
    Also known as "That Morden Story". A tale than makes everyone's favorite Shadow minion seem human at parts.

Babylon 5: The Never Ending Story by various writers
    A story that started when a lot of people were displeased with the way Season 5 of the show was going, and then got out of control. In a good way. It's been running for more than a year, now. It's probably my biggest contribution to B5 fanfics, although, at times, not my best. For the masochists of you, enjoy. It's a year's worth of writing that got to 15 or 20 posts a day sometimes. This is where one of our writers bothers to archive all of our posts. The link to the site where the story is written is on my links page.


Point of No Return: sung to the Andrew Lloyd Webber tune from The Phantom of the Opera. I (re)wrote this when I was really, really bored. And I'm afraid of the result. It takes place after Adira dies in Interludes and Examinations, when Londo turns to Morden to seek revenge against Refa. Enjoy, I think.

The Shadows: to the tune of Mecavity, also by ALW. Rewritten by Aris Merquoni. This one is a bit lighter. And very amusing.

Babylon Pie by Kevin G. J. Freels: to the tune of American Pie by Don McLean. I can't tell you much more about it except for the fact that it's funny.

My Favorite Things: to the tune by Rogers and Hammerstein. By an unknown writer.


You are in the "Other" department. This is the area that even I fear. Some of what's in here is probably just too... wierd.

How Not to Be Seen by Monty Python, Aris Merquoni, and White Star 2:
    The full Monty Python sketch is included, for those of you who did not see it. The additions made are probably not too unusual (for a Monty Python sketch), but they're something we needed to get out of our system.

Babylon 5 Chicken Jokes by Various writers

My Alternate Ending to the Shadow War:
    A very, very random idea that probably shouldn't have even surfaced, but since it was there, I wrote it down.

Mr. Morden's War and Peace Class by Aris Merquoni, with help from White Star 2:
    A tale of a rather unsual teacher in a rather usual classroom.

A Short B5 Sketch by Aris Merquoni:
    This one is just too wierd to describe. So I'm not even going to try.